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Originally Posted by Laurel View Post
As far as the money debate, I remember there being a discussion somewhere once about how teachers are not paid like other professionals who have the same amount of schooling. Then someone said "It is because it is mainly a profession of women." They said if more men would get in the field they wouldn't stand for making less money.

Gotta call "Right On!" on that one.

Traditional female jobs are not as highly regarded or rewarded as are traditionally male jobs. Take truck drivers. How much skill does it take to drive a truck (well once you learn how)? It takes much more skill to correctly care for children so why the big pay difference?

Also I think women are conditioned to be somewhat least in the past and it is going to take a few generations to get over that completely. I remember my own mom (I am 62) arguing with my dad to GET TO go to work after we were older. She wanted to stay home when we were little but when we got older she got bored and wanted a part time job. It was a major hassle with my traditional dad but she finally got her way. Go mom!

My daughter is in a business that is mostly men with a major company (then Merrill Lynch) and she was STILL getting paid quite a bit less. She had to fight for more money even nowadays. Luckily at her current job she has a woman boss who started her at just what the guys made. She also did a lot of research and had to adjust the way she acted to get ahead in a 'man's world.' She told me a few things that I hadn't even thought of. Like don't do what a man wouldn't do. How many men bring cookies to the office for everyone? Men ask for raises, women tend to take what they are given. Even the body language in meetings.

Yep, we're expected to love children and do it for 'pin money' as far as a lot of clients are concerned. It will change over time but we're not there yet.

Okay, off my soapbox....

I think that because women are still regarded as the primary caretakers of the children, they are more of a liability for some companies.

The mom is the one always called to pick up the child, stay home when they are sick and take care of the child's needs sucha s doctor appts, dentists, attending school functions etc thus taking more time off work than men do overall. As a business owner, I can see how frustrating that could potentially be for their bottom line.

Like you said, I do think that is changing but we are a long ways off.