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Originally Posted by Heidi View Post
See, now I wouldn't fuel that fire, SM. I've had plenty of babies start at 4 months or earlier with no issues what-so-ever. There doesn't have to be a rocky road at all.

This issue is mom's, not baby's. It's completely understandable...she doesn't want to leave her baby! But, the baby is going to be fine.
I've had a lot of babies from six weeks on and they do great. Few weeks to get them on the Nan Plan and then smooth sailing. Four months is such an EASY age and they are so fun. I wouldn't hesitate taking a lil mook at this age.

I like calm stable babies. My goal is to get them to calm and stable. Good eaters... good sleepers... good snugglers... tolerant laid back babies. At four months the toy playing would commence. Cake ;-)