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Originally Posted by Cat Herder View Post
Licensed providers? IME, part of licensing was the requirement to have written policies.

I am unaware of any state that does not require it. I am sorry I misspoke if I am incorrect.

"N. Operation Plan – A detailed written plan submitted by the applicant that includes the facility’s policies and procedures, forms, emergency plans, etc." - My state requires this before we can even open. (a long list from A-R)
Our state's licensing requires only that if we have written contracts or policies, that ALL parents receive the same policies. We don't have to provide a contract or policies. Last year's federal changes now require us to have emergency plans, etc., but not that we provide them to parents. What I am required to have is a medical form filled out, a registration card, and proof of vaccination.

That said, I can't imagine not wanting to have a signed contract and written policy. I do this to protect ME (legally with the contract, and from headache/stress with the policies). Mine is long, but worth it, because everyone understands what is expected of each other BEFORE starting care.

For the OP: If you don't want to pay for time away from daycare, it likely couldn't be enforced in court without a contract. If you wish to keep using the childcare, pay for the time away. If you're not willing to pay, find a new childcare situation. It is perfectly legal for your provider to require you to pay in order to keep using her services.
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