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booroo 02:33 PM 02-24-2010
Originally Posted by gbcc:
Many times employee benefits are hundreds of dollars per month. CHP is free to $15 per month depending on your income. In my state, no child can be turned down but the more you make the higher the monthly premium, which is still cheaper then through an employee.

Daycare cost are deductable when applying. It helps proove they need the insurance because they spend so much money in other areas. The more they spend in other areas, the less they pay monthly.
This is correct and each state is different on cost and such. This is a great program. We have our kids on it. Our monthly health insurnace is $400 a month for just husband and I and our deductible is $3,000 for each of us. Now if we put the kids on it, it will be over $800 for the same deductible for all 6 of us. UMMMMMM I dont know about any of you, but I cant afford that. If we got a a low deductible the cost is to high to even bother with.

Please keep in mind that this is NOT MEDICAID!!!! It is a health insurnace program, there is still Medicaid.

Some states do have an income guidline, like MT(lived before we moved to NE), was $36,000 for a family of 6. NE is $54,000 for a family of 6. IF you make under this amount your kids are on with no premium cost and low deductible. If you make more than that, your children can still be on it, for a premium amount montly, and then a deductible no more than $250 for all the kids.