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TGT09 10:21 AM 02-25-2010
Originally Posted by janarae:
Could they need it for flexible spending childcare accounts? When I worked outside of the home I needed to submit receipts to my husband's health ins provider showing that we were paying X amount per week to our childcare procider. IT is a BIG savings because then those dollars are considered TAX FREE to the parents. It was a savings through ur health ins provider
This is what I was going to say. I used to work for a company and we administered the FSA's....there is a spending account for daycare only. DCSA (dependent care spending account). The employee can contribute to it out of every paycheck and then they just have to turn in receipts or invoices to get reimbursed. It has to do with being on a pre-tax they don't have to pay taxes on childcare. It is administered by the employer's insurance company so they may just lump it together with that when they tell you.