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judytrickett 10:25 AM 07-28-2010
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I worry about the ramifications of this tpe of "me first" parenting.

For the record, I am NOT talking about the occasional time away from your kids. Everyone needs a break. I'm talking about the ones that seem to ALWAYS, every week, spend additional ("break time") away from their kids in addition to work / school time away.

Basically it comes back to the same old thing - kids who spend ALL their time possible in daycare.

Well, I know YOU know the ramifications but for others:

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The Importance of Secure Bonding between Children and Parents by M.L. Genuis, from the Journal of Empathetic Parenting, before March 2000

(meta-analysis shows)...non-parental care for more than 20 hours per week has an unmistakably negative effect...children need their parents when children need their parents, NOT when it is convenient for the parent.

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Who Cares? Making informed choices about childcare by Vivienne Reiner, ByronChild Progressive Parenting (Australia), p32-39 March-May 2005

Of course it is a rare parent who would put their babies in care if they thought it was bad for them. ?The pain many parents feel at leaving their infants in childcare is dulled by the belief by most that they like it. But Under Five in Britain, a study of children in child-minding and day nurseries in Oxfordshire, reveals most children do not like to be in childcare. It finds that a startling two-thirds are passive and unresponsive during their stay, with one-quarter being actively clinically distressed or disturbed --- having deeply disturbed language development or sever behavioural difficulties.
The survey concluded that no-one can replicate the mothering experience: 'there is no reason to believe minding someone else's children on a regular basis is the same sort of activity as looking after children in one's own home. Every bit of research that has been undertaken on this subject testifies to the contrary.

But HERE is the money shot:
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The Trouble With Day Care
(Are Scientists Telling Parents the Whole Truth?) by Heide Lang, Psychology Today, p17-18 May/June 2005

But the latest findings, from a huge, long-term government study, are worrisome. They show that kids who spend long hours in day care have behavior problems that persist well into elementary school.
...Developmental psychologists are sweeping this information under the rug, hoping studies will churn out better data soon...
Recent evidence from the study shows that the total number of hours a child is without a parent, from birth through preschool matters. The more time in child care of any kind or quality, the more aggressive the child, according to results published in Child Development.
What if, Belsky asks, "kids experiencing long hours in day care are more likely to use drugs, are less ambitious and have trouble with relationships? Parents will say, 'How come no one warned me?' It is our scientific responsibility to tell people what they may not want to know....

Read this whole article of a government funded study citing that the more time a child spends in daycare the MORE detrimental it is to them...............

It's sad, really it is. We have ALL this research and all these crime statistics following an entire generation in daycare showing us that the more time a child spends in NON parental care the larger and more significant are the problems they develop. But yet we continue to dump our kids in daycare for longer and longer UNNECESSARY hours.

One day it is going to come back and bite us in the ass. Hell, I think it already IS!