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jen 06:34 AM 07-29-2010
Originally Posted by JustMom:
And I am one of them that will do errands between work and daycare! I would rather my 1 year old be playing and having fun than getting in and out of the car and being drug around in 90 degree heat. I'd rather race as fast as I can and get it done first.
And, by the way, I am 39 and have 2 little girls, 6 and 1.
I want to offer this to you in the most respectful way possible. I know it is very easy to believe that your children are better off at daycare than running errands with you, but I can promise you that your children will be happier to see you show up early. Running those errands with you may end up being one of their favorite memories.

I understand it is easier for you to leave them at daycare, faster without having to get them in and out of carseats, but please don't think that they would rather be at daycare than with you. It is a matter of convenience for you, not them.