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professionalmom 07:50 PM 07-29-2010
Originally Posted by Aya477:
So sit back and be thankful that women are going to work and placing their children in your care. You being the childcare provider has income because of this. And if you believe that studies prove that children who have absent parents suffer, then look at yourself as the hero....these children care for YOU and the time you are giving them. Perhaps you can make a difference in a child's life.
I did thank God everyday that I had daycare kids in my care. Although I shut down only a week ago (health / high risk pregnancy), I knew that each and every day, I was giving my DC kids something that their parents could not (and in some cases, would not) give them at home - whether it was stability, a man role-model (my husband, in the evenings), love, attention, affection, life skills training (baking a cake, grocery shopping, loading a dishwasher, etc), or whatever need I was able to fill. They all loved me. i can not think of even one who did not. I have been told that I am the bestest cooker in the world, the funnest mom, the coolest daycare, etc.

I just wish that we, as a society, would get back to the old ways of raising families. You know, where daycares were not needed. Moms could stay home because dads "manned up" and took care of the family they made. I think I mentioned it once before, if the women who wanted to stay at home just left their jobs (go on strike), then it would free up a lot of jobs for men and start a reversal of the current unemployment rate and breath a whole new life into our economy. Am I glad that people needed daycare so I could stay home and get paid to do something I love? Absolutely! But do I wish daycares were not needed and that children were instead being raised by their own parents? You bet. I think it would be the absolutely, hands-down best reason to be out of a job!

I loved your post and can not wait to hear (or read) more from you in the future.