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Lianne 01:01 PM 08-10-2010
Fruit kabobs. I use wooden skewers and put one or two types of fruit on them. I also throw a marshmallow on in the middle as a treat sometimes.

I take graham crackers and spread them with cream cheese then add some sprinkles for fun and serve with a side of fruit.

My kids LOVE smoothies, especially when they help to make them. We throw a banana, some fresh or frozen fruit, plain yogurt, a touch of milk, some ground flax seed then several good handfuls of fresh spinach into the blender. You cannot taste the spinach or flax seed, I promise. If you could *I* would not drink them!

Today I put a slice of bologna (you could use deli meat or small soft tortilla shell) flat on a plate. Then I cut up some cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, cucumbers and grate some cheese. Using these things the kids created silly faces on their piece of bologna. After creating their face they can eat the pieces then create a new one. If they ate their bologna before they were done creating faces then they just made the faces on their plate. This was a huge hit!