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cherryhill 12:42 PM 12-08-2010
With toys. It seems that I can not get any of the kids to play with the toys the way they are meant to be played with. Maybe I have the wrong kind of toys. I have blocks, which go in everyone's mouth,links they make long links and swing them at each other, books in there mouth. And every toy is dumped and they try to sit in the toy bin. How do I get my dc kids to play with toys correctly and be nice to each other. Right now everything is "mine" and they are pretty mean to one another. Are there certain toys that are a hit, that will keep them entertained for at least 15-20 minutes? I read a thread yesterday about how much time is actively spent playing with the kids. I literally have to stand over them or be on the floor so that they will not bite, hit, push, it is getting crazy. I am losing my mind. This is going on my second year of doing daycare, still trying to figure out everything.

One more thing. In my nap room I have tacked a sheet on the wall so that they can not see each other. looks pretty tacky. looking for a permanent solution, What do you guys use?

The kids ages are (2) 22 months (1) 20 month (1) 17 month and (1) 2 months