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Blackcat31 09:15 AM 08-21-2019
Originally Posted by Unregistered:
Apologies for not being clear enough. If there's a daycare like Cat Herder's where the waitlist is at 3 years, it should in theory be possible to keep increasing the price every year until the waitlist is at 6 months or less as more and more parents are being priced out of the daycare. But in practice daycares don't seem to do it or at least the ones in Seattle don't.
That makes zero sense.

Daycare is a huge cost already for working parents so raising rates isn't going to be a benefit for anyone.

Those with bigger wallets have more options but regardless my issue is that I am limited to x number of spaces and despite the fact that my wait list is also pretty lengthy, raising my rates isn't going to change the maximum capacity the state allows me to have.