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Blackcat31 09:43 AM 08-21-2019
Originally Posted by Ariana:
Yes and only those who can afford a brand new IPhone buy one. It is the law of supply and demand. So if you are in high demand, raise your prices more. That is how supply and demand works. Itís why gas prices go up and down depending on circumstances.

I charge pretty much the same as I did when I opened 10 years ago because there are so many providers charging bottom barrel prices for such a highly sought after service. They have the idea that cheaper will attract more clients.
I understand how supply and demand works.

Raising my rates simply because the demand is there isn't the answer. People can't afford to pay more than a certain amount. No matter what the supply and demand is.

S/D doesn't always apply to the child care business.
Theory is great but reality is more important.