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Ariana 09:46 AM 08-21-2019
Originally Posted by Blackcat31:
I understand how supply and demand works.

Raising my rates simply because the demand is there isn't the answer. People can't afford to pay more than a certain amount. No matter what the supply and demand is.

S/D doesn't always apply to the child care business.
Theory is great but reality is more important.
It works perfectly here actually. SOME people can’t afford to pay more but some people can. SOME people would just have to sacrifice more or think harder about the choice to have children. The way things are now, parents tend to feel entitled to cheap care but buy brand new cars. Or complain about childcare fees while producing more kids and the provider can barely make ends meet. Maybe it would help society if childcare cost more.

I had a mom interview and tell me my rates were too high for their budget. I said ok and sent them on their way. A week later she contacted me....they magically found the money. Why? Because the supply of quality care is low.