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Myst_Seattle 02:17 PM 08-21-2019
Originally Posted by Blackcat31:
That makes zero sense.
Those with bigger wallets have more options but regardless my issue is that I am limited to x number of spaces and despite the fact that my wait list is also pretty lengthy, raising my rates isn't going to change the maximum capacity the state allows me to have.
I fully agree that it won't let you increase your capacity, but in theory it should increase your profit margin. Let's say you are currently charging $100 per week and have a 3 year waitlist. If you increase it to $110 (for new clients) the waitlist might drop to 2 years. If you further increase it to $120 it might go down to 1 year. Therefore your revenue would increase by 20% without having to take up any extra work.

It would price out some parents out of the daycare market, but at the same time it would help parents who have recently moved into the neighborhood and haven't had a chance to sign up for the waitlist three years ago. That's an issue faced by many of my parent colleagues who are new to Seattle.