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Leigh 04:25 PM 08-21-2019
Originally Posted by Blackcat31:
Unions sell that idea to people buts itís not how it actually works here.
That's totally how it works here. I made more at my union job 20 years ago than I could make in the workforce now. I wasn't rich, but I made a FAIR wage, that was more equitable than people make now. I had great healthcare, a pension, and a contract between us (union employees) and the company that we BOTH agreed on and felt good about. If I could choose union/non-union, it would be union every time. Another benefit for the entire community? Other companies would set their wages more in accordance with my company to recruit and retain employees. My entire community was better off when we had this union company (the city's largest employer). Companies now are literally starting at $3-$4 an hour LESS than what I made 20 years ago.