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Myst_Seattle 03:08 PM 08-22-2019
Originally Posted by Blackcat31:
Your theory however does not work in all economic areas...:

As I have already said I charge a lot more than other area daycares do. (Almost double) Many of them have openings they canít fill.

I have a lengthy waitlist...a waitlist that has grown as my rates have grown. So how does your theory work when applied to me?
This just means that you have a superior product and people are willing to pay your company more than to competition. You could most likely increase the prices even more while still working at full capacity. Similarly Paul McCartney's concerts regularly sell out while small time bands struggle with attendance rates. Paul's product is superior and he can make more money from it than others in the business.

Originally Posted by Blackcat31:
Itís also important to remember that most childcare providers are looking to make an income but they are not in this business so that they can rob hard-working parents
If the explanation is that you are consciously lowering your profit margins to help out struggling parents, then it makes perfect sense! Although I'm not sure this explains why corporations like Bright Horizons also has waitlists.