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284878 06:17 PM 08-22-2019
Originally Posted by Myst_Seattle:
By increasing the prices you're helping:

1. Yourself as the business owner, as your profit margins go up. This might additionally incentivize you to expand the daycare in the future.
2. Daycare employees (if there are any) might see an increase in salary
3. Parents will have more flexibility as they know wait times for daycare are short

The ratios don't change, but your income per customer will increase.

If you double your rates a certain percentage of parents will no longer be able to afford your daycare and would drop off the waitlist. If you triple the rates even more parents will drop off. Nobody has infinite money Obviously this wouldn't address the problem of daycare shortage as the number of available spots won't increase, but it would address the issue of waiting lists causing issues for parents.
Can you tell us your story? What happened to you, that makes you upset with the wait list? Are you currently waiting for for an opening?