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Myst_Seattle 12:20 PM 08-23-2019
Originally Posted by tandow:
Basically what you're saying is that we need to raise our prices so that only the wealthy are entitled to quality childcare.
I'm sorry I gave you that impression. I'm just asking why daycare providers don't raise their prices more. If part of the answer is "I don't want to price out everyone but the wealthiest parents", I'd take it. I actually mentioned this as my hypothesis back in the very first post.

Originally Posted by tandow:
Nevermind that we have years of experience, and actually know what we're talking about.
I could not agree more! Nobody knows better than an actual daycare provider.

Originally Posted by tandow:
If someone offered me $5000 to get off my waitlist I'd laugh in their face. I don't want parents that think they can "buy" me. My policies are mine, and they're set for a reason. Entitled parents in the beginning typically end up being problem parents while using your services. They want it when they want it, no matter how you or the other parents of children in your care are affected.
I see. So having a long waitlist is convenient as you can always kick out a parent from your business for obnoxious behavior? As opposed to charging a lot of money and having to deal with adult tantrums.

Originally Posted by tandow:
But you be stubborn and stick to your guns.... your OPINION on this is obviously worth more to you than our experience.
I'm only sticking to my guns about the claim that increased pricing could not eliminate waitlists I do not have any "guns" about the practicalities of daycare operations.