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Blackcat31 01:19 PM 08-23-2019
Originally Posted by Myst_Seattle:
I see. So having a long waitlist is convenient as you can always kick out a parent from your business for obnoxious behavior? As opposed to charging a lot of money and having to deal with adult tantrums.
It isn't about convenience. It's about keeping my own family fed and keeping my finances in check too... Like previously's about job security. Not all areas in the country are the same so not all daycares have waitlists.

But yes, some of the adult tantrums we've witnessed or endured are not worth any amount of money.

I am more business geared than most providers but even I have my limits and I've termed families that have certain behaviors and attitudes simply because I value myself and my self worth MORE than I value my bank account.

There will be no U-Haul trucks following my funeral procession. I'd rather make a difference in someone's life than earn an extra $ or two. In the child care business it isn't black and white like it might be in other businesses.