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Myst_Seattle 01:49 PM 08-23-2019
Originally Posted by Blackcat31:
Isn't that kind of how all those parents got in trouble with getting their kids into college?

So basically parents can buy their way to the front of the line? That's really sad.
It's only illegal if you pay a bribe to secure a spot. If you have an official pricelist for skipping the line its perfectly legal, just like you can skip the line at most airports for a fee. I've read that some places let you pay a "donation" to skip the line to their daycare, but that's rare.

Originally Posted by Blackcat31:
Lastly you never answered my question about how waitlists actually work..... Waitlists are not first on the list gets the spot like most places. Wait lists that operate that way might benefit from your theory but in reality it's BEST fit gets the open spot. So the Smith family might only spend 3 days on a wait list before getting a spot even though the Jones family has been on the list for 3 years.

No matter how much money the Jones family pays if they aren't a good fit, they aren't going to be first pick.
You could always vary your pricing based on fit. E.g. if the Smiths are for some reason the best clients for your particular daycare you could offer them a better rate to incentivize them to join. For example car rental companies sometimes let you borrow a car for free if you drive it from city A to city B for them, when they need to shuffle cars around.