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Blackcat31 02:07 PM 08-23-2019
Originally Posted by Myst_Seattle:
It's only illegal if you pay a bribe to secure a spot. If you have an official pricelist for skipping the line its perfectly legal, just like you can skip the line at most airports for a fee. I've read that some places let you pay a "donation" to skip the line to their daycare, but that's rare.
It's illegal for daycare providers to even discuss rates with each other so I'd be surprised if the above is legal.

Call it a donation or a bribe it is what it is and it's unethical.

Originally Posted by Myst_Seattle:
You could always vary your pricing based on fit. E.g. if the Smiths are for some reason the best clients for your particular daycare you could offer them a better rate to incentivize them to join. For example car rental companies sometimes let you borrow a car for free if you drive it from city A to city B for them, when they need to shuffle cars around.
If the Smith's are already on my waitlist to enroll I don't need to incentivize them to enroll. I don't understand what you mean by that.