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284878 11:40 AM 03-01-2021
I feel for you and agree with others, TERM the screamer now! I just termed a dcb that brought nothing but stress to my ds, I gave them 2 weeks and it was a long 2 weeks. I did it to be kind but I was really hoping that they would keep him home since they were home all day but they didn't.

My first families were the worst.
I had a dcm that thought she was better than me because she went to college and got a degree in nothing. Then married an illegal and could not hold a job, left when she got fired. When she told me that she was fired I was so excited but trying not to show it.
The next dcm tried to bully me and so did her kids. I had enough and let them go. She was shocked and disappointed in me.
The last one, the dcb sat on my dd, pulled my dd hair, and pushed her out of a fort on the swing set. They left before I could term, for yet another dc that was cheaper.

I went months with only one dcb 3x a week (also the most amazing dcf ever). During this time, I found this forum, rewrote my handbook, and changed my approach. The next 2 families only needed m-th and that made it worth it. From then on, it has only been me and my dd (now ds) on Fridays. It for me was worth continuing and staying closed on Fridays.

One more thing, whether you are license or licensed exempt, call your local license office and let them know of the term. They will want to know in case they do get a call on you, they appreciate the heads up when it comes to screening crazy.