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Originally Posted by Mad_Pistachio View Post
I apologize, I am not sure how to search for certain topics on this forum, which is why I thought I'd ask.

my daughter was diagnosed with oral herpes a week ago. we kept her home this whole week (virus was out by Tuesday, but her lips looked like she crawled out of Bruce Willis movie, and eating was hard; I didn't feel like instructing her teachers to cut all her food into tiny pieces and keep giving her the straw... anyway, it was easier to do at home).
today, one of her fingers got all puffy and red, and we went back to the doctor's office. the doc thinks it is bacterial, but because of a very recent herpes history, she prescribed antiviral (in addition to antibiotics). that stuff needs to be taken 3 times a day. by Monday, we'll find out what it is (puss was taken for cultures), and she will stop one of those.
I will need to take the antiviral to daycare for her to get there once.
how do you normally handle that? do you ask for a prescription, diagnosis, both? dropper, instructions? obviously, she'll need to know what time to give it (I'll figure it out over the weekend, as there has to be minimum 6-hour gap between each dose). but I never had to bring medications to daycare to be given to her, and have no idea.

I'll ask on Monday, but mornings (Mondays especially) are rushed and chaotic, and I want to waste as little time as possible. it's like a homework.

I know some of you may not allow medications at all. I have asked the director very briefly before, and she said she'd give medicine, but because I didn't need it at the time, I didn't go deeper into the topic.
I would find out what the culture is first. She may not even need the medicine in the first place. (anti virals are kind of pointless in my book, just a disclaimer)
If she needs the meds, I would find a way to give them on your time. Early morning, after daycare, right before bed, ect. If that is not possible, then I would go in later on Monday so I have time to speak with someone and explain the situation. (On a side note, I would be hesitant to allow her return to daycare until the culture come back for the finger. I don't exclude for cold sores, but a mysterious finger condition would make me nervous (HFM, staph, ect.)
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