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Daycare Insurance 09:26 AM 06-09-2014
Originally Posted by Blackcat31:
I am curious as to what states this company serves and in what capacity.

Is it liability insurance, home owners, coverage for centers or in-home providers, licensed or legally unlicensed, etc?

I know insurance coverage varies greatly from state to state so my concern would be sending someone here to get a quote or info and then finding out the company doesn't serve their state.

Maybe a little run down of what the company does would be good.

Im glad you asked.

It is true that coverage premiums vary by state but our policy is the same across the board. Our policy is a professional liability insurance policy with a child abuse endorsement and Accident Medical policy. We offer this policy to LICENSED in home child care providers and Commercial Child Care centers. We have spent a lot of time creating nuances of the policy that are advantages to the provider. For example outside the limit legal defense and coverage of injuries resulting out of use of swimming pools. I could go on all day about the benefits of our policy but to be honest my main goal here isn't to sell policies. We have prided ourselves on being advocates and educators for the industry so our main goal is to educate providers on why they need a stand alone child care insurance policy and to stay up to date with legislature related to child care.

For those who are interested our coverage map includes the following states


But whether or not you have coverage with us or in a state we provide coverage we hope that we can help with any child care insurance related questions you may have. We have a lot of generic insurance information in the form of pamphlets and we even have an insurance coverage checklist which you can use to compare insurance companies and get answers to the most important questions when shopping around.