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I went to college, got an AA (in electronics). With that degree I got hired on at one of (if not the leading) microchip manufacturer in the world. Intel Corp. Did I need my degree to get that job? Yes and No. Intel wouldn't have looked twice at me without it. Also, it was through school that I heard about the hiring team coming to Minnesota. HOWEVER, I rarely, if ever, used my degree in my day to day work. Was I proud, yes and no. Single mom, put myself through college (without student loans, but with help of National Guard) and landed one heck of a job, so yeah for me! To my friends and family in Minnesota it sounded very exciting. To the people in Oregon who I worked with or lived near, eh, big deal, just another Intel employee. (There are MANY!!)

Now, I'm a stay at home mother of three, doing daycare in my home, back in Minnesota. I have that AA in electronics. I don't have a degree in EC. Right now I don't see it making a big difference with my daycare. I do take continuing ed classes every year, but not enough for a degree. Where I live it's considered a higher poverty rate. I'm on the higher paid food program tier based on my location and school info. Parents in my area don't seem to care about the education a provider has. They want their kids to be happy, stay out of trouble, have fun, and most importantly be safe. I think some day I'd like to get a CDA or EC degree, but that's more for me than for the kids. I won't be able to charge more (and actually expect to get it) if I have higher education, at least not the way things look now.
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