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Originally Posted by Chickenhauler View Post
The difference is, one position is child CARE, the other is child TEACHING.

What about the parents interacting with their own children? Why is it a daycare providers duty to teach and raise these kids?

Now, if you want a 'school-like' atmosphere, then by all means, seek one out and pay the extra fees to have your child in their care/teaching.

But, many parents are not in search of a Toddler University.

If you're going to raise the bar for providing daycare with the logic of "the first 5 yrs are the most crucial", maybe instead we should raise the bar on who is allowed to have kids. Cuz that's who the onus of responsibility should be placed on, not the person who provides care for a small fee.
first of all, childcare fees are not normally SMALL by any means.

secondly, it's not a debate about parents teaching their children. if that were the case, we'd need no school at all because parents could just quit their jobs and everybody could stay home and teach their own kids. ask them how that's working out in africa.

lastly, i'd like to hear from ONE provider that doesn't feel like they are TEACHING the kids they "just" CARE for. in fact, most of the daycares i've experienced - the "providers" call themselves TEACHERS.

the first five years ARE the most crucial - that's a fact, not an opinion. but - i'm glad you at least realize there is a difference other than "just a piece of paper." most ppl who say providers don't need an education and/or they can do the same or better of a job as a person with an ECE degree seem to think it's a level playing field. if you want the same respect and notoriety, you should be held to the same standards.

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