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Originally Posted by Lucy View Post
We've been lucky in the west. 50's to the north and 70's to the south.

So jealous!!! Oh, one day I will have to visit the West. I have never made it further than West Alabama....

Originally Posted by MsLaura529 View Post
Yesterday I had 3 out of 4 today I had 2 out of 3 show up. All the parents are home (A couple of teachers and one mom on her last week of maternity leave). They just showed up 1-2 hours after I open (without me knowing until I sent out the text asking if anyone was coming ... would have been nice to sleep in a bit). We aren't going outside, but everyone is coming in all bundled up, so that's a plus.
Well, that stinks... Notice would have been nice, I would not go out today, either. Hopefully they all sleep well for you, you deserve a break!!!

Originally Posted by BBDC View Post
Its been a crazy day already this morning. My daughters school was just two hours late. But she wanted to go. So had to get her up, ready and fed put a baby to sleep my son was needing to be wiped screaming in the bathroom. And a set of twins that were just going crazy this morning. Hopefully it will all calm down now. What a morning.
Hope you get a nice long lunch to make up for your missed breakfast. My daughter is the same, wants to go to school... Afraid she will have to make up the days during her summer. At least that is what she tells me, I think it is because she wants to leave the infants and toddlers and hang out with people whose noses don't blow bubbles when they laugh...

Originally Posted by morgan24 View Post
All mine stayed home yesterday and today, -8 here windchill -33, school canceled. Unexpected days off have been quite nice getting lots of reading done! Hope everyone survives the cold.
Reading sounds like a dream!!! I am not sure it is worth those temps though... Holy Cow!! I can never complain about my temps ever agin... well, unless they hit 120 this summer, again... I may whine a tad bit then....
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