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Originally Posted by Crystal View Post
Interesting that you would automatically assume that people with degrees look down on others. I certainly don't do that....I use my degree to HELP other providers be better providers, and while doing so, am very open to learning new things from those that I mentor. I not only mentor new teachers/providers, but very experienced ones as well.....I am currently mentoring a Provider who has been in business for 18 years, I have only been in business for 13....but ya know what, SHE realizes that because of my education, that I do have some knowldege that she doesn't have and sought my help in improving the quality of her program.

I find it saddening that providers cannot simply be supportive of one another....while I realize there is competition in this business, the competition should be a local thing. Here on this forum, and any other forum, we should be encouraging each other to move forward in our careers, and supporting one another to be the best we can be.

I will also tell you, as a mentor teacher, I have had the opportunity to be part of a Nationwide discussion re. ECE. The day is coming when all providers, in the United States, will be required to have an education to run their would be a good time to start working towards those degrees if you want to be in business in 5-10 years.

Really, though, you shouldn't over-generalize....while some providers with degrees MAY look down on those that don't, so do those with lots of experience towards those that are new to this profession.

I think experience is highly valuable, but I also think education is as well. Ideally we would all have both, but we all have to start somewhere. I started without an education and gained my education over the past 5 years....and while I am very successful in my business, I can say from experience that starting my business would have been alot easier if I had had the education first.
I'm speaking from my experience about those with degrees (not only providers, but people in general) and their attitude. Not saying EVERYONE with a degree is that way, but either there sure seems to be a lot of them like that, or the few who are that way make so much racket they make up for the rest.

The day that we're going to spend tens of thousands of dollars so my wife can get a degree to change diapers and wipe runny noses for the current going rate for daycare is the day that I order a custom sleeper semi and we start running team together.

I can understand the need for a degree if you're putting your business forth and billing it as a "education center", but that's not what my wife does, she operates a family structured daycare.

Two very different operations, and two very different rate structures.
Spouse of a daycare provider....which I guess makes me one too!