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Originally Posted by Crystal View Post
My student teachers don't count in my ratios, so I cannot take extra kids because they are here. My husband is my assistant and we are licensed for 14 children. And, yes, the side jobs do allow me to make extra income, and I am able to have those side jobs because of my education (which was the point of this thread). BUT, I still grossed 96,000 before my side jobs, just totals from enrollment. suppose you could cut my income in half since my husband works with me, but I don't because it's a household income. And, before anyone asks, YES, it's all claimed on my taxes
I have been reading this thread with some interest, because I am really on the fence about having/needing a degree. Probably because I am thinking about going back to school...

This can be a lucrative business for the right person, with or without a degree. I have done this for 22 years; I have a degree but it is NOT in Early Childhood Education, it is in Business Administration. I worked for ten years prior to starting my daycare doing Corporate AR, AP, Income Tax and Payroll. I started my daycare because I wanted to be a SAHM but we couldn't afford it ~ I stayed with it because I loved it, I was good at it AND I made more money than I could make working in my former field. After the first 5 years, we took the plunge and built a house geared for daycare.

I am licensed for 14, but usually have only 12 kids enrolled, some full time and some part time. I grossed $95k last year and I will come very close to $100K this year. All jobs have pros and cons, but I would never go back to working for someone else.

Just my 2 cents worth.