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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
We do only make 3/4 of a salary as teachers... You can choose to take that salary over 9 months or spread it out over 12 months. Most just choose to have it spread out over 12 months.

Thankfully our home daycare lets us reduce to 2 days a week in the summer. She has her own 3 school aged children home with her for the summer so she's filled to the brim with kids each day so not having my 2 added to the mix every day is just fine. Glad to have found a set up that works for both of us.

I LOST money last year. I have never made more than 12,000 doing daycare. I KNOW teachers make more than that, even after their expenses. We are talking about two different things really with expenses. No, I don't think teachers should have to pay for supplies out of pocket based on the taxes I pay. But, I shouldn't loose even more money based on a parents job. If I did that for teachers, then my nurses would want a discount when they worked over and I kept the kids a double shift, but they got the next day off because of that. My office workers would say, but I got vacation time, so I don't want to pay for those days that I take a day here and there. If I do it for one person, I have to do it for all. I can't afford that.
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