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Originally Posted by NillaWafers View Post
I use my house number because we're required to have a landline anyways.
Like MarinaVanessa said it just states you need to have a phone line not a landline I do know local providers who only use a cell - most land lines are VOIPs which can have some of the same challenges with 911, the best way to avoid that is with a hard wired phone line but those are rare these days. That said, I am not planning on giving up a landline just not sure if I want my daycare line to be a landline or a google voice line.

Any cons to using your house phone? Pros?

Originally Posted by MarinaVanessa View Post
Google Voice is now Google Hangouts. I've used it for several years and love it. You can direct calls to whatever phone number you want, have a separate outgoing message that people listen to when they call your Google number, you can block people easily and they hear a message like the operator message you get when a number is disconnected, you can turn call forwarding off at any time from a computer, clients don't get your real phone number etc.

I'm in CA in my state the regulations only say that we have to have a phone but isn't specific to having a landline so we ended up getting rid of our house line altogether since we mainly use cell phones. I love Hangouts/Voice. I know you said you don't want clients texting you but if you ever change your mind it works great. Texts come into it's own app which keeps your client texts and personal texts separate and you can now send and receive photos and it's all still free.

If you still don't want to text then you can just tell your clients that you get your calls forwarded to your cell phone but that you can't receive texts. If they still send you a text you can just ignore it and if they ask about it you can remind them that you don't receive texts etc.
Your old post are one the reasons I am considering this!!! That said I do wish there was the ability for people to not be able to text at all like an on/off tool or something. A main reason I would consider a land line for the daycare is so parent do not text me. Is there any difference between Google Voice and Google Hangout or are they the same?
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