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Originally Posted by mommyneedsadayoff View Post
I would do google voice. Can I ask why you don't want any texting? It is the new norm for communication and I like the fact that I can keep them for reference if I need to remind a parent what they agreed to I also hate taking phone calls during the day, so a text is so much easier. Just curious on your thoughts!
I agree texting is the new norm of communication and with my friends and family I love it BUT as a teacher I find it distracting. Also just being honest here in a work setting I am a more formal person and I want parents to treat my program with the same respect they would a preschool/daycare center and I don't know any daycare/preschool center directors giving out their cell phone number and texting parents.

That said, I do see the benefits just for me the benefits don't outweigh that I don't want to text with parents..... who knows that may change but for now I want to keep my cell phone away and use the landline if needed during my business hours that way my attention and hands are screen free and focused on the children in my care.
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