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Originally Posted by lovemykidstoo View Post
I like how that looks. I was in a hurry and didn't post the pics of what I have so far lol. I'll post them here.

Do you think I should change my closiing to 5:20? The 2 people that switched jobs really can't get here before 5:20, so I really don't mind doing that, but after 5:20 is irritating. Especially dad that came last night who changed his hours to getting out at 4:30 and didn't come until 5:25 and said he forgot to leave work at 4:30. grrr!

Also, what about the mom that comes back at 5:40 with her check? Woudl you consider that late or would next day be late? How do I word that if it's not here by 5:20 it's an extra $10?
If you don't mind the 5:20 closing time, I'd allow it but I would leave it at 5:15 and privately make the agreement with the later families that you will allow 5:20 without fees added provided it IS 5:20 and not 5:21 or 5:22 etc and that if it becomes an issue you will need to start charging for it. I even go so far as state that "becomes an issue" means happens more than 2 times.... (if you set the actual # of times you are willing to allow it, it clear things up UPFRONT)

As for the check book mom, I would let her come back at 5:40 ONCE....after she makes mention of forgetting her check book and you suggest running to get it or running to the bank to get cash, say something like "Normally payments are due NO LATER than 5PM but I will waive the fee this ONE time so hopefully you won't forget it again." then smile big as if you understand but aren't kidding.

Then the second time she forgets you can say "You can run get it/to bank for cash but don't forget the late fee is automatic this time as it was waived last time so make sure you add in the additional $10. See you in a few minutes!"
She's only forgetting it because there is no reason for her to have to remember it.
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