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Originally Posted by Cat Herder View Post
I don't serve gourmet meals. I get what you are saying, though.

I serve locally available produce from my farmers market and meats/fish from local farmers and fish markets. I think the perception that certain foods are gourmet is part of the problem.

I used to serve fish sticks, nuggets, spaghettios, kraft dinner, Campbells soups and canned veggies exclusively because that is what I was served. Now I serve what I cook and eat, myself. I don't buy special foods for kids.
Yes, I draw the kids' menu from out normal diet too. Unless it's expensive and hardly any kid likes it. I love asparagus and salmon, but no way will I serve that to dck when only one or two of the group will eat it.

For me to serve anything expensive, all the group needs to love it. Like orange peppers--for some reason I've had a lot of luck with dcks loving orange peppers.
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