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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
HUGE fan of Janet Evanovich....LAUGH outloud funny!!What are these books about, I have seen them but never ventured beyond that?

Her series are numbered and her 20th one is out now. I think it's called Takedown Twenty.

Easy reading but can't put it down until I am through.

Stephen King's last one was AWESOME! Totally worth the read if you are a fan. his stuff would keep me awake

I also read a lot of true crime and legal/mysteries. I can recommend some good authors if you are into those kinds of books. I like these type of books.

Otherwise, my good read right now is called "Slouching Towards Adulthood" by Sally Koslow

It's about why so many "kids" don't leave home even after turning 30 etc.... it's funny and insightful.
because they can't afford to leave and why rock the boat when you have it good at

Thanks BC. I responded in bold above.

I don't care for thriller gore but I do like true crime. I really have to push myself to read. I read a ton on the internet but to do a whole novel I have good intentions that sizzle.
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