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Default Times when you feel like you are truly appreciated!

Two things happened this week that made me glad I am doing what I am doing! First, the foster baby I am watching's OT person called me yesterday to tell me how amazing they thought I was and how she could tell how much I love my dck's and just wishes I were doing daycare when her kids were little! I thought that was so touching and made me feel great. Secondly, I got a call this morning from one of my daycare boys who wanted to tell me that he drew a picture of me and wanted to ask me how to spell my name so he can bring it to me on Monday. Of course dcm could have spelled it but she wanted to make sure I knew he was thinking of me on the weekend and before he got off the phone with me he told me he loved me! AHHHH!!! THIS is what makes me LOVE what I do!!!!
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