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Im so happy for you!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by MarinaVanessa View Post
Should have been added in here yesterday but I just didn't have time so I will add it today. So my interview went well yesterday. They start Friday!! I can't believe how lucky I got. It is deffinetely long-term, full-time, AND set schedule. The only thing that I havn't verified is his last DC provider, I left a message yesterday and havn't gotten a call back.

This 3rd interview (I do a phone interview, 2nd interview with parent and then a 3rd "interview" is more like a play date to see how the child meshes with us) went really well. I thought the guy was her dad but apparently he is her uncle, but I'll still refer to him as DCD, and has custody of her. She is the cutest thing and very polite and soft-spoken. DCD was worried because she was unhappy at her last DC. She came in and looked around on her own while DCD and I chatted a bit and observed and it didn't take long for DD to invite her to play, which she accepted. They stayed for about 30 minutes and she didn't want to leave. He was impressed, he said that at the other DC she couldn't wait to leave even if he stayed for a bit. He loved that she immediately felt comfortable and wanted to stay.

I'm not too concerned about not getting a hold of his old DCP. I asked why he was leaving her and he mentioned a few things that concerned me. Apparently she is licensed but has her sister living with her so she watches 6 kids (including my new little girl) and her nieces on top of that. Here in CA our limit is 6 including our own kids/family members so she apparently is over capacity frequently. She also doesn't drive, doesn't take the kids outside often, doesn't have a program (kids play and watch TV all day), and the last straw was when he picked her up a few times and her training diaper was soaked through to her skirt. WHen I first sat down with him he told me after that he was really interested and would give his 2-week notice, that was 2-weeks ago from tomorrow. Apparently she was not too happy and she's been a little cold with him. Tomorrow will be the little girls last day at her other DC and then she'll come here on Fri. She was happy to hear that and said she didn't want to go to the "other lady" and wanted to stay here. It made me feel good.

This means that I now have 2 full-timers, 1 part-timer (tues-thurs), my daughter and a drop-in. I'm also due next month which leaves me with only spot left to fill. I'm thinking that I'll keep advertising for it and if I fill it and my DCM that throws her fits gives me more grief, I can give her a 2-weeks notice. All of the kids were here yesterday except the drop-in during the interview/play date and they all played very well so Im blessed to see that this could very well be a good group, too bad I have a nutty DCM lol.
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