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It's Sunday morning and I still woke up both days this weekend at 5:30 in the AM lol. I guess I'm just used to my Daycare schedule. Well at least I'll get a lot of stuff done today!! Yay!

Yesterday was great. Went to an Infant/Toddler Learning & Development training and met a lot of really nice ladies. I enjoyed the training (can't wait until part II next month) and it gave me lots of new ideas, information and opened my eyes just a little more on how I can handle group activities with my entire group. The book we used for the training was great but we didn't get to keep it but were told we could buy hardcopy of it for $20 or download it from the California Dept. of Education website. I checked and the PDF is free!! If it's for free then it's for me. Funny how it's the little things that make me happy .
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