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I'm so excited!

A couple of times each year I have "Alumni Nite" where kids that have grown-up in my daycare are invited back to spend an evening with me and their old daycare friends. I just got my last RSVP back and I'll have #8 of my cherished alumni with me for the evening - spookie Halloween theme dinner at my home and then out to the corn maze for flashlight nite with a bon-fore and smores! The best part is that two of the kids that will be joining us this time are now sophomores in high school!

I always tell my clients how much it means to me when my daycare kids *want* to be here when they don't *have* to be!

I just LOVE it that they still want to come back and spend some time with me and some of the kids they grew-up here with

Can't wait till Friday nite!!
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