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Default I made through Friday!!

I made *It through Friday (oops lol) Yay, I consider making it through the week a huge success now since I'm now full-term and can go into labor any time this month (due date is Nov 27 but the last time I was told my due date I did the math on my own and I got an earlier due date than the doctor and my daughter ended up being born on the due date that I calculated lol). The kids were great and most were picked up earlier. I have minor cleaning up to do and then I'm hopping in the tub with a good book and making "baby posole" (what my fiance calls it when I soak in the tub).

Tomorrow is the second half of my infant/toddler foundations training so I just want the baby to stay in the belly until 3pm tomorrow. After that he can come out whenever he wants to lol. After 3pm tomorrow I'll be looking for wives-tale labor inducing remedies to "coax" this baby out. I want to meet him, I want my feet to look normal again and I want to be able to laugh again wothout a little bit of pee coming out . Happy Weekend everybody.
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