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I've only had one so far a drop in child that used one. I would uselly tuck it out of site as soon as he dropped it behind. then it would remain so to after nap when he first started at abut 1. By the time he was 3 he was only using it for naps here but at home would have more access though mom was very good about making sure they had his blanket.

For soother use I do it based on the child. I don't uselly worry about discussing it with parents first. I remove it from site when I can and only give it back at sign of a melt down. I try to have kids only using at nap by age 2 if thay. but it depends on the kid and the parent. one that started this summer age 1 used it for the first month here and then started throwing it away so I stoped offering it. now he's completely done with it here and at home. My 2 year old DCB only uses at nap will come with it in month and then hand it straight over when asked even if parent is still here. asked gor it at nap and ten gives it back after. while one DCB (age 4) just left to go to kindergarden this year could ho the entire day without but as soon as mom was here he would cry till she piped it in his mouth. I tell the kidder those are for the baby's your big boy / girl now so you don't need it. I would try to phase both out as much as possible mabey focus on the lovie first since it's so dirty. I'd it happens now it might be easier since he is just starting and not use to using it there. also not allowed for me for either item to be at a table for any meal. good luck.
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