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Originally Posted by TXhomedaycare View Post
I have a new 2 yo dcb that started on Monday who came walking in the house with his security blanket and pacifier clipped to his shirt. This is his first time in daycare so I was surprised that he has not really cried much at all and has been doing well eating and playing and joining the group. The problem is I am ready to throw that security blanket in the trash. He walks everywhere with it and when he does play he wraps it around himself or will check on it every 10 or so minutes if he drops it. It has cheese from Monday, stains from him and other kids stepping on it (and from it being dragged) and it is falling apart so the thread gets hooked on everything. Do you allow security blankets and why or why not? Plus they almost left it yesterday at pickup and I ran it outside because I know that would be an issue later in the evening. Mom also says he doesn't talk at all just grunts but he never takes his pacifier out (just long enough to eat). When do you stop allowing pacifiers? I personally took my sons pacifier away when he turned 1 but I know every parent is different. I have a dcb that is 3 and his mother told me last week they finally get rid of his pacifier (She also was wondering why her son doesn't talk much when he started). I have no problem making the pacifier gradually disappear but should I discuss this with mom or just do it? I have taken it a few times this week but he noticed right away. Please help with this security blanket and pacifier issue so I can fix it now while he is new. Thanks
I had a child that age start who was attached very much to both a blanket and a stuffed toy. I let her have both without restriction for the first couple of weeks and then very gradually phased them out. First they couldn't come to the meal table or for art, then they also had to stay inside during our extensive outside time, then only for naps. Now they don't come to daycare at all.
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