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dEHmom 07:11 AM 06-27-2011
Originally Posted by Candyland:
sounds delicious!
Putting it all together sounds like a "hamberger helper" type of meal...but only better for you this way!
yes it looks a lot like hamburger helper. I HATE hamburger helper, but I make my own homemade versions. I find the boxed stuff has such a gross smell. Especially the cheesy ones. yuck.

my dad owned his own restaurant for a long time (way before I was born, he hired my mom as a waitress and they began their love affair hahaha). Anyway, he did all home made foods, and certain days of the week he would slop everything together for some sort of leftover concoction. Anyways, point here is that whatever my parents made for supper on sunday, monday tuesday, somehow ended up being suppers for wednesday, thursday and/or friday. My dad would take left over rice and make ragu (yuck) out of it, left over taco meat or regular gr. beef and mashed potatos for shepards pie, or he'd fry up the mashed potatos to go alongside left over roast to make roast beef sandwiches. you get the idea.

So I just started slopping random things together over the years. Since we struggle financially, I often have to make do with a can of this, and a box of that. Sometimes I just make noodles and throw some mayo and tuna in it for tuna salad.