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squareone 02:25 PM 07-29-2011
Thanks. After reading the replies, I am thinking of either not allowing cell phones or having a requirement that they have to be turned off and left in their backpack while at my house. I remember a provider on here saying that they followed their school districts policy for cell phones. I have to check to see what ours says.

Christina72684 I am going to charge $85 a week which will include two hour delays and early dismissals. Any time that school is out or their child is in my care for more than 4 hours in any given day they will pay my day rate of $40. I plan to have a separate agreement/addendum for Christmas break, Spring break, and summer.

Afterschoolmom I was hoping that you would chime in

Great homework tips...especially this If they tell you they did all of their homework, then you believe them. It's also a parent's responsibillity to check over homework nightly. You can't guarantee that it will always be entirely completed.

I have decided that I will allow time to do homework but I will not assist, check it over, etc. I was thinking of 4:30-5:30 for homework, reading, computer time or other quiet activity.

The bus stops near my house but not at my house. It's about 2 blocks away. It's in my contract I have that I do not offer transportation to and from the bus stop and they must be comfortable with their child walking alone (a group of kids from our neighborhood walk together in the morning so they really wouldn't be alone.) In all honesty though, I will probably walk them to/from the bus stop when the weather is nice and then have them walk on their own with the rest of the neighborhood kids when the weather is not favorable.

Sick days. If they're too sick to go to school, can they come to your house? What if they get sick while at school?
Nope. I have in my contract if if they are too sick to attend to school they are too sick to attend daycare. If they get sick at school then the school is to call the parent to come pick up the child.

I am debating about whether I should change my meal schedule to accomodate SA's. Right now, breakfast is scheduled after the SA's get on the bus. If I serve it any sooner, then I would have to add a morning snack to the lineup which would cause the little ones to eat less at lunch time. I will probably have to end up doing split shift breakfast