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melissa ann 05:48 PM 02-29-2012
Well, today at pick up, mom came in and asked if I knew of anyone who could watch her kids. I said no. Well, she said if she couldn't find someone by the 16th, my last day for 5:45 pickups she will find someone in her family to do it until she finds someone else. Needless to say, I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. My dd was also ecstatic. My ds asked what kids are we going to watch now. I said I didnt know.
I did get a call for childcare, for a baby and a 1st grader. However, they wanted to start on monday, which is not doable for me. I told them the 19th so I could at least give notice to above family. Plus, they didn't seem too thrilled that I leave the house and the baby would be coming with us. We do bus stops and take my son to preschool. Takes, 5 mins walking for preschool and like 1 min to bus stop. Both places can be seen from my house. And they said about pickup at 530. I told them I close at 5. I'm sticking to my guns about closing at 5.