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bunnyslippers 01:33 PM 03-01-2012
I am curious about the responses to this one! I have a similar problem (with a family that I have already posted about). The older sibling comes in and is loud, stomps her feet, even uses my off-limits bathroom. I have spoken to the mom, but it just keeps happening. I have a gate at the entryway to my playroom that keeps her out. The problem is, she has to walk through a hallway in my home to get to the playroom, and that is when she wreaks havoc.

Once, her mom let her and her 2 year old brother in and went back to the car. The sister opened the door to my basement classroom stairwell. I didn't even know they had entered my house until the 2 year old fell headfirst down the entire flight of stairs!

I can commiserate, but don't have much advice. I have tried the nice route, the firm route, the letter route...maybe I should try the term route next!