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Nellie 02:00 PM 05-23-2012
I understand your hurtness. Luckly I've never had DC families do that to me. I've been lucky to have a back up in all my emergancy and appointments. I had a tooth that needed to be pulled and I let every one know at drop off that I was going to be going to the dentist as soon as I could get in. The appointment time worked out for my back up, but all my families told me they would figure it out if I needed the day off. My father in law had a stroke a year back and every single one of my DCF's asked if I wanted time off. Families need to look at this like a "sick day" only they have a few days to plan for it.

I know see that this post was a few days ago. I hope your DD appointments went well and the specialist she is seeing will be able to help her.