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jojosmommy 11:24 AM 06-14-2012
I use this and love it.

You can auto invoice and parents can have it auto pull OR they can view the invoice then choose to pay. I have one family that auto pulls, as soon as I invoice it says paid. I have mine set to invoice on wed. They have until fri at 5 to pay. I have them pay for the upcoming two weeks so they get invoiced everyother wednesday.

You can temporarly lower the rate as well as add fees. You just have to choose the weeks to lower if say you have a vacation. The only issue I have had with this is that if they are the kind who choose to auto pay you without viewing the invoice then the amount you credit or reduce doesnt seem to come off. For those which you auto bill, then they preview, and submit payment it works with no issue. Not sure why that is.

You can add fees anytime and re-send the invoice, I do it every billing for one family who can't "remember" to pay by Friday.

I love it. I dont accept payment any other way.