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Unregistered 01:13 PM 04-16-2010
I am just about through with the licensing procedures for my state (Wyoming) and when I get through with it I want to increase the rates for one family that I currently care for. I have watched her 1 year old son full time for several months and watch her 9 year old daughter for an hour after school. I currently only charge her $100 per week which is my standard rate for one child. With summer break approaching I had told her I would do both kids for $125 per week which is because she is a friend of my husbands through work. I plan to tell her that I can no longer keep the rate at $125 per week because her daughter though it is only temporary is taking up a spot in my care which prevents me from taking another child. I feel really bad about it but I need to cover costs for while she is here during the summer. I just am curious as to how to break it to the mom that the rate will be increased, I am fearful of losing her as a client. I have also heard that I should make it a verbal thing as well as a written thing. I want to wait until I am licensed to say anything so that can be part of my reasoning, I should be licensed in the beginning of May just waiting of my rezoning. Does anyone have any suggestions?