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Nickel 08:08 PM 10-15-2012
So, I've read some previous posts about providers that have their infants on a schedule. I am really in need of pointers, because I am about to have a 4mnth old start tomorrow and a 2mnth old start next week. So let me give you some background. sorry if it's kind of long.

dcb1 come tues and thurs from about 915-130. He doesn't sleep at all, although he was super super fussy the other day and I finally put him in the pnp and he fell asleep within a minute or two of fussy. Talked to dcm and she occasionally lets him cio when nothing else will work. So I am not too too stressed about him.

dck2 is a 4mnth old that starts tomorrow. She is here mon-fri until about 1. dcm says they are trying to get her to sleep on her own, no cosleeping, formula fed, low maintenance child, or so they say.

dck3 comes 3x week from about 2-5 but she is super high maintenance! She needs to be held ALL THE TIME. She is rocked to sleep and still won't sleep longer than 30 minutes even with swaddling. she is bf but takes a bottle but struggles with that first one. Giving her the first bottle is an ordeal! It takes her a good 30 minutes to drink 2 ounces.

dck4 is starting next week, mon-wed from 130-7. I have no ideal what her temperament is or anything. i haven't met her yet (met her sibling right before dcg was born. Mom interviewed and was going to start that Monday but went into labor Saturday and went on maternity leave! lol)...

So my concern is more for ft dck2 who starts tomorrow. I really need her on a schedule so I can continue to do preschool with the older ones, make lunch, etc. I think she will be here enough that I can get her on some type of schedule, but I have never done that before.

both of my children were fed on demand. They ate when hungry and slept when tired. But I am really hoping to get dck1 and dck2 to nap about the same time as my 1, 2, and 3 year old. I also would like dck3 and dck4 to be on a similar but opposite schedule. Like one eats, the other eats. But not screaming at the same time.

So any pointers would be great. Or is it just a hopeless case with these 4 infants (although I will only ever have 2 at one time except for some slight overlap during pick up and drop off